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About Me

'It was such a relief to get all this stuff of my chest and start looking

at how I related to the world and to myself.'

I began my integrative healthcare journey at the age of 25 when I was very ungrounded. On the outside the picture looked good but inside I was reeling.  


I was so used to the feeling of dread to anxiety, of having to drag myself around and gee myself up with the help of substances, that I had no idea there was another way.  


At the time I discovered a wonderful energy worker who I saw every two weeks for a year and I think I cried in every session.  


Wellness at the time was relatively niche but I loved all the amazing wisdom out there and explored the many modalities from the esoteric to the scientific.  I was lucky to find some treasured mentors who remain important teachers, particularly Wendy Mandy a deeply spiritual woman

and the most fun I’ve ever met. 


'Life went from a feeling of internal crisis to a much better engagement in life and I moved into a more stable existence, which resulted in the seeds for my own family.'


In that time, wellness took a back seat as we had children and at the same time I started my own business continuing to straddle the worlds of fashion and celebrity. The need for visibility and demands of home began to take their toll and things began to unravel again.  At night I would lie in bed with a horrible, palpitating tightness in my chest and restlessness, which would turn into anxiety and at worst, panic.  I needed to address this and through a friend, I was introduced to BodyTalk.


The transformative effect of BodyTalk was incredible. Nothing on the outside had changed. But the BodyTalk sessions were giving me a new perspective and a renewed sense of vitality.  And importantly the unbearable night time symptoms I experienced went away.  I decided to become a practitioner myself. 

I’m amazed at how used to feeling bad people are.  I know this from my own journey and see it in my clinic.  It’s no wonder that we are in an ever developing health and environmental crisis.  Our polluted air and antibiotic and pesticide ridden food and external EMF transmissions are disrupting things inside and out.  

'If your body is suffering then you can be sure the planet is too.' 

I love science and believe medicine has a vital place in society, but I don’t believe it’s the whole story.  If we clean up our internal environment at the physical and mental and spiritual levels we can begin to appreciate the miracle and beauty of our existence and cultivate a better relationship with the earth.  Elevating our consciousness is the aim of the game.

BodyTalk offers clients a broad approach to healing by using the wisdom of Eastern and Western medical traditions. It therefore has the ability to work at the physical level of the body, to help heal injury or disease as well as clear any energetic blockages that contribute to lasting health.  Physical and energetic balance is reflected in the mind creating a positive, “can do” mentality for clients. 

Having been on both sides of the BodyTalk System, as a client and now a practitioner, I am always stunned by the systems capacity to heal.  Wonderfully, it is easily integrated into any other healthcare regime or can be used as a stand-alone.

'As a consciousness based healthcare system, BodyTalk is in a dialogue with the body to work out

where and how the body is suffering.'  

Through light holding and tapping, BodyTalk is able to establish pathways to healing by engaging support from the other systems in the body, clearing the way to wellness.  BodyTalk addresses the emotional toil of illness and injury too, because it looks at the whole person.  After all, this can be just as damaging.  


'The safe environment of the sessions creates a space for compassionate healing to take place, something that I believe is the key to allowing our issues to surface and dissolve effectively.'




If you haven’t had a Body Talk session before, I cannot recommend Yanni Webb highly enough. She is reassuring, informed and very respectful. I was unsure what would happen and how the therapy worked. Yanni was able to explain the process clearly, made me feel completely comfortable and I was able to relax and let my body do the talking!


Sessions with Yanni have been a revelation. My energy levels after the first session were through the roof! I went from feeling sluggish and borderline depressed to full of optimism and literally, the world seemed brighter. After a few more sessions, I found that some very deep unresolved issues were no longer preying on my health and well-being. I had let go of stresses that were holding me back in life and the pursuit of my own happiness has really improved my relations with my partner, my children and my wider family and friends.


Her insight, identification of underlying stresses and her advice on how to move forward has been invaluable and I feel a significant improvement in my own state of mind. 


Yanni’s sessions have been incredibly transformative for me. She has such a talent for recognising blocks (whether they are ancestral or of this life) and working through them; all the while explaining and communicating the process. Yanni has a subtle yet effective way to reprogram and repattern your behaviours, her BodyTalk also works deeply and I find that each session has a legacy, rather than ending when I leave her space. 

Yanni holds an intimate and safe space; she can also intuitively translate what you are explaining to her at the start of the session to shape your journey. 


I came to Yanni during an anxious period when I was also struggling with low energy. I had a knot in my stomach most mornings on waking and my mind was constantly racing. Yanni's intuitive, intelligent and compassionate approach was very nurturing. After just a handful of sessions, I found my energy levels improved, and my mind calmer. No more knot in my stomach!  Yanni's sessions also definitely helped me regain some perspective and balance. Thank you Yanni!


Before working with Yanni I was getting run down and ill often. Just as my life seemed to be improving I would get sick out of no-where and be back bedridden again. The results with Yanni’s BodyTalk system haven't been instant but as I look back across the last few months working with her my life has changed a lot. I’m no longer getting sick, I have more clarity, more faith in myself and am more open to challenging myself both physically and mentally. Her method of work is the perfect blend of a spiritual, holistic approach, backed in modern science which helps even those of us less spiritually inclined to

understand the process.