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Connect with your innate ability to heal

If you would like to find out how sessions with me can help you,

book a free 20 minute consultation call



Allow me to connect with you and open a dialogue with your body. Through this dialogue, I will clear blockages and re-establish the internal communication pathways to healing. We usually begin the session with the shamanic Illumination practice, working at the level of the Chakras and using rattles and singing bowls to clear the luminous energy field. Then we enter into BodyTalk where we listen to what the body has to tell us. Through light holding and tapping, pathways to healing are restored, which have a material effect on your symptoms and they way you feel.


These sessions work at all levels of the bodymind to help heal all types of injury and disease: physical and energetic balance is reflected in a balanced mind.


Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Massage 

A cleansing, revitalising and balancing technique that uses touch to make your lymph flow and boost your immunity.  I offer this as a stand alone as so many clients love to experience the benefits of this technique. 


As well as boosting immunity and improving vitality, other pleasant side effects include a slimmer appearance and improved skin tone as stagnant fluids are eliminated from the body.  This is great technique that supports your immune system and mood. 

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